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WPA security for your old wireless laptop.

December 8th, 2008

This is just a really quick note that I hope helps someone…
I had an issue connecting an old laptop to a WPA secured wireless network. As it turned out the driver for the wireless card did not support WPA security. It was an Orinoco card and the driver was written by Agere systems.

It took a little while to dig up the updated drivers with WPA support… So here’s another link just in case someone needs them.

Download the windows drivers zip file and extract it to a temporary directory, then go to device manager and find your wireless card. Update the driver and point the update utility and the temp directory you created from the extracted zip file. Bingo…

You should be able to connect to your WPA secured wireless connection. Have Fun!

Your Geek,

Create Ring tones from your music collection for free!

November 26th, 2008

I found a tool that allows you turn your music library into .mp3 ring tones. The basic version is free, there is a pro version that you have to buy…

I used it with a few different files and had great luck. Have fun!

Your Geek,

Adobe Bridge CS3

November 25th, 2008

I have had trouble with this application in the past… But, a new found hobby has shed some light on the value of this file browser on steroids. My experience with this heavy lifting application has been riddled with random crashes and poor performance. I saw little need to endure that type of trouble, and windows explorer isn’t much worse anyway, right? Wrong.

My Rebel XSi produces .CR2 files that aren’t supported inside windows explorer. There is an xp powertoy that is supposed to be geared toward the photo pro, and enable windows explorer to thumbnail and preview many RAW image files. If you have a need and have no hope of acquiring bridge, You can check it out here:
I may share a bit more about power toys later, there are a bunch of them, some are pretty cool, and they’re free…

If you aren’t familiar with bridge, check it out here:

Your Geek,

PC Keyboard Shortcuts I use all the time…

November 21st, 2008

There are way too many for me to list them all… But, here are a few common windows shortcuts that I use regularly.

ctrl = the control key
wkey = the windows key

ctrl+w - closes the active window.
wkey+e - opens windows explorer.
wkey+m - minimizes all windows.
wkey+r - opens the run command.
wkey+l - returns you to the login screen and leaves your applications running. This is also referred to as locking your computer.
print screen - copies everything displayed on your monitor to the clipboard.
alt+print screen - copies only the active window to your clipboard.
alt+d - activates (highlights) the address bar when browsing the web.

You can also create your own keyboard shortcuts… I’ll have to get back to that at another time.

Have an awesome day!